Experience leads to success


Imtihan for 1st sem have ended~For overall,not so bad.Last paper was physio.Think its better than biochem. Unfortunately,time is running out.Not answering few question.Maybe it can be answered if the time a little bit longer.:'(So,what passed hve passed~And my housemate n I goin 2 have some lunch to celebrate it!Haha.Mumkin some fun after all the pressure.K.F.C,here we come~~

And for hardcore studies student:everywhere seems nice for some nap~

Like always~

Huh~The 2nd and 3rd paper has passed!But,not doin well in biochem.Too little study an playing more la ni.By da way,think done well in histology.Coz,with the little effort I've put in,wrong 5 from overall question.The road had been taken is still a long journey.Cannot be satisfied now!As a conclusion:need to triple up my hard work and be fully prepared to take on the final exam which is physiology.And continue with the progress in achieving the Mumtaz.Insya Allah~

Bersama ahli bait mkn ice-cream di depan gamaah!The pic not ilustrate any relation with post above~

Owh Anat!

Huhu.Anatomy exam have pass.Feels like heavy burden have been taken off from my shoulder.Mood:Agak happy la.Mcm agak senang~But,still make some mistake.Hope everything after this will pass smoothly like anat exam.Upcoming will be the histology exam.Try my best 2 achieve the Mumtaz status.And fyi,after exam my housemate and I going for a lunch.Maybe 2 celebrate it!Hahaha.A' agak mahal food.But really taste delicious.A perfect combo for the day I think.But,should not be really confident for the upcoming test!Hopefully the marks given will be colourful.Wish me luck.Insya allah.Untill then~

     The food~
Me and Jeffry~


Huh!Agak busy nampaknya mggu ni.Coz da mid year exam just around the corner.Luckily there  is someone kind to teach me all the previous chapter that I miss~Mumkin ta'aban awi sampai tertido tyme kuliah.Or to focus and eventually felt asleep.Thx to all of the teaching my friends.Insya allah all of us will succed to achieve the MUMTAZ title.And also to my lovely family members who always support me and give me the advice all along my studies in Egypt.Miss my  cute little sister very much.Haha.When peoples are not around,then when we realise how much important them to ourselves.And to all my old school friends,pray for my success will you.Untill then now~

  1. Anatomy exam :20 feb
  2. Histology exam:22 feb
  3. Biochem exam :24 feb
  4. Physio exam    :27 feb
Bitaufiq wannajah.Salam